MN Nice

Social Justice and Awareness Education Project

My senior thesis project, developed over two semesters, started with a research paper assembled into a book titled Minnesota <s>Nice</s> White. This research paper was further developed into an installation project designed to look like a Minnesota State Fair information booth. The purpose of this project was to bring awareness to racial disparity and white privilege which still exists in Minnesota today.

The day after I had set up my installation, I discovered that it had been vandalized overnight. All copies of my thesis book, White Privilege Coupon Book, and racial diversity on a stick had been stolen. I filed a police report and the officer who arrived to file my report refused to acknowledge that this incident in any way could have been vandalism or a hate crime.

In response to the current events and the current social climate, any files from this project are available for free use. please contact me through the contact form or by email above to request any files or collaboration.