Hi, My name is Kevin

I'm into plants, puppies, and tacos.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Design last May with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Product Design. During school, I worked as a Graphic Designer at the University's Global Programs & Strategy Alliance and as a Studio Technician at the University's W.L. Hall Workshop and Digital Fabrication Lab while maintaining a full time course load.

At the GPS Alliance, I was largely responsible for the design of graphics and publications across the department’s many offices. I had the opportunity to work on projects from initial concepts and ideation stages through to final production. My responsibilities included maintaining organization of photo and graphic design assets, as well as developing graphics, publications, and other marketing material including artwork, banners, pamphlets, flyers, brochures, video, and reports for all of the department’s offices. I also had opportunities in roles beyond Graphic Designer including assisting with programs and events, and working hands on with international students.

Working at the University’s W.L. Hall Workshop and DigiFab Lab allowed me to strengthen product development skills in turning two dimensional concepts into three dimensional products. In this position I had the opportunity to utilize 3D printing facilities, metal working, and wood working shops. My responsibilities included assisting and overseeing students, staff, and faculty in the utilization of the workshop and digital fabrication laboratory to conduct coursework and academic research as well as consulting with shop user regarding effective and appropriate materials and methodology for the execution of work.

In addition to freelancing, I am currently a Communications Intern and Gallery Assistant at Soo Visual Arts Center in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. I have been responsible for coordinating the content and scheduling of social media for events and gallery shows including Get Lucky, Hot Chroma, Golden Home Mishaps, and Presidential Portraits. In doing this, I developed a strategy to broaden the breadth of social media outreach resulting in expanded engagement in New York, Los Angeles, Europe, and Australia.